The Moonville Rail Trail






Situated deep in the picturesque hills of Vinton & Athens Counties lays the Moonville Rail Trail. 

The spirit and intent of the Moonville Rail Trail is to establish, maintain and promote

a recreational trail system with emphasis on the use of former rail lines and connecting corridors.



The Moonville Rail Trail Association, a non-profit organization, was established in April 2001 in order to build and maintain the muscle-powered Moonville Rail Trail system.  The Moonville Rail Trail will extend from Red Diamond which is near the Village of Zaleski, through the hills of Vinton County and end in scenic Athens County near Grosvenor Center.  We hope to establish a trail system that will connect to the Athens County Hockhocking Adena Bike Path.

The Moonville Rail Trail will preserve local history and the environment, provide educational opportunities for trail design, use, and maintenance, assist the surrounding communities in promoting education, tourism, and economic development and create an awareness of the needs of different muscle-powered user groups. Bridge constuction continues. Note the bridge at the Moonville Tunnel has begun construction. Continue to visit our web site for future updates.


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Moonville Rail Trail Association, Inc.
Brian Blair, President
Marilyn Prater, Secretary
Floyd Largent, Treasurer
740-385-2023 or 740-596-4772
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 513
McArthur, Ohio 45651